The month-long, industry-wide celebration of Organic September kicks off today, as the Soil Association (SA) and Organic Trade Board (OTB) report record engagement.

This year’s Organic September campaign – which focuses on the key message ‘Nature has the answer … and the answer is organic’ – has attracted the support of key players in the food and drink sector. The SA and OTB have the support of a cross-section of the industry; in a statement the organizations state that ‘in excess of 200 brands, 300 independent retailers and at least three major national retailers committed to engaging with this year’s campaign’.

This includes Sainsbury’s, which is said to be ‘directing more resource than ever to Organic September’ and is launching its first Organic British Vegetable Box to coincide with the campaign, priced at £7. Warren Denness, buying manager at Sainsbury’s, says the box aims to ‘help make eating organic easier and more affordable’.

I’m confident with the resources provided by ourselves and the OTB, that the market will receive a further boost this month

Clare McDermott, business development director, Soil Association Certification, comments: “We know from organic sales data throughout 2020 and early 2021 that people are looking for certified organic logos when shopping, and we believe that’s because it is a quick and easy way to be sure that what you are buying has been produced to a standard you can trust – and in ways that work with nature and not against it. Organic really is food and drink as it should be and we’re delighted that more and more people are embracing that.

“There’s never been a better time to engage with Organic September, telling the story of the impact organic has to citizens who want to make the connection with their purchases to sustainability. I’m confident with the resources provided by ourselves and the OTB, that the market will receive a further boost this month as the value of organic is conveyed to consumers.”

Marketing director Harriet O’Regan of the OTB adds: “We have seen so much growth in public consciousness around issues relating to the planet, wildlife and farm animals and we are passionate about the role organic can play in providing a positive choice. Our industry-wide messaging makes it abundantly clear that organic is a choice based on looking to nature for the solution and there is no better time for a system that is based on a fundamental respect of nature to be noticed and valued.”

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