TV Personality Heather Mills Launches Vegan Brand VBites In Middle East

TV Personality Heather Mills is launching her vegan brand VBites in the Middle East.

The company has partnered with Spinneys supermarket, owned by Waitrose, to debut its meatless products in 90 stores across Dubai

Spinneys has also invited Mills into its ‘plant-powered kitchen’ to do live cooking shows to online customers.

VBites launch

In a statement sent to PBN, Mills said: “The exciting initial launch includes nine of the 51 strong retail product portfolio.

“There are two VMega Burgers – both the Quarter Pounder and the Game Changer, our ‘Beeph Mince’ ideal for spaghetti Bolognese, or a lasagne.

“Versatile Chkn Chunks and Beeph plus one of my favorite products the Oriental Beeph Chunks.

“Also listed and selling extremely well is our hero product the gluten and soy free Chkn Goujons, which are popular with the kids. And, not forgetting one of our best-selling products, the crispy and absolutely delicious konjac Fsh Steaks.”

“Spinneys has supported the VBites launch from the beginning. It’s great that they agree just how amazing VBites is. But more so their customers,” added brand development director John Varey.

Heather Mills’ ‘Plant-based valley’

Last year, Mills announced she’s buying another enormous factory in the North East – and will be creating a ‘plant-based valley’ in the UK.

According to Mills, the former Procter & Gamble factory in Seaton Delavel, Newcastle is 385,000 sq foot. She plans to use the facility to manufacture vegan products including food and cosmetics.

The space will also be used as an incubator for the plant-based startups Mills has invested in, including LoveSeitan and One Planet Pizza, so the companies can scale-up production

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