Interview with Ziva Pogacnik, CEO, Zivabowl

Tell us a bit about your company

Three years ago I was trapped in a fast pace of life with a draining job and a young daughter. I was tired and I often reached for an unhealthy snack that made things even worse. I knew this is not going to end well because I am a trained, traditional Chinese medicine nutritionist. So I decided to create a snack that I could eat quickly, but would support my health and would make me feel energized. Soon I found out that my friends loved my snacks too and I signed up for a Štartaj Slovenija project that supports startups in cooperation with our biggest retailer Spar. I was one of the eight chosen ones among 200 applicants and this is how my first official sales were made.

Creating the Zivabowl brand gave me the opportunity to offer healthier and more convenient versions of our everyday favorite classic dishes. Because with our fast-paced lifestyle and many unhealthy quick meals we are all at risk when the market lacks options for healthy food that is fast and easy to prepare. That is why at Zivabowl we aim to create products that are quickly prepared but consist only of nutrient-dense whole foods with anti-inflammatory properties that are anti-aging and prevent many of the modern chronic diseases caused by poor diet choices.

In the future, we want to produce even more functional and nutritious products that make healthy eating and implementation of certain diets (for diabetes, vegan, keto) easy. Our vision is to become a classic for future generations. We believe that the modern consumer strives to eat healthier but still tasty and nutritious food.

Tell us about your latest product(s), promotions or launches visitors can hope to see on your stand

Our latest product Biome-Bon is another healthier version of our everyday classics that we all love to eat and we love to create at Zivabowl. Biom-bon is a functional vegan and organic jelly candy with much less sugar, colored with fruit juice and lightly sweetened with oligofructose and stevia. This better-for-you jelly candy also delivers upwards of 20g of fiber per 100g. This is important not only for blood sugar regulation but also because of the gut-brain axis and strong immunity that comes from the health of our gut. Fiber – prebiotics (food for our microbiome and postbiotics) play a key role in our guts health. So while you enjoy your jelly candy you also feed your micro-BIOME and thrive!

Why is exhibiting at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2022 an unmissable opportunity for you?

We love sharing our products with both customers and people within the industry. But due to the pandemic, this is our first opportunity to present ourselves to foreign markets and we are excited because we believe Natural and Organic Products Europe is the place to be.

Find Zivabowl on stand X71.

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