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Brands call for end to ‘misinformation’ about NZ Natural Health Bill

A group of New Zealand-based manufacturers say they are frustrated with the amount of “misinformation” circulating about the country’s Natural Health Products Bill.

Cocoa farmer emphasizes need for industry to work in partnership with growers

Fairtrade cocoa farmer Fortin Bley from the Ivory Coast addressed delegates at the London Chocolate Forum on 7 October, warning that unless the international cocoa industry does more to involve farmers, it will risk losing a generation of cocoa growers.

EFSA to set upper safe limit for daily sugar intake

The European Food Safety Authority is to give formal advice on daily sugar intake for the first time.

Diverse group of organic farmers zoom into D.C. to talk organic

Organic Trade Association fly-in to brief new administration, lawmakers on critical issues From their home offices, kitchens, fields or tractor cabs, a diverse group of...

Regulatory scientific definition for manuka honey hailed as “major milestone”

A new scientific definition to authenticate manuka honey, which sits at the heart of a new initiative aimed at clamping down on product fraud, has been hailed as a "major milestone".

Think different: Glyphosate ban could lead to creative cooperation among farmers

UK organic certifier Organic Farmers & Growers has restated its view that a ban by the European Commission on the use of the herbicide glyphosate would not damage farming. 

Let’s show the future can be written a different way

he world’s biggest biotech companies are manouvering to extend their domination of the global food supply chain. It’s time to show that the future can be written a different way, writes Thomas Fertl

Regenagri announces members of new governance group

The recently established global regenerative agriculture initiative regenagri has announced the members of its new governance team — a group of pioneering organizations who...

US authorities say homeopathic remedies “must state they do not work”

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that over-the-counter homeopathic medicines on sale in America must in future state on pack that ‘there is no scientific evidence the product works’.

Baby food brands accused of ‘encouraging sweet snacking’

Baby food manufacturers, including organic and ‘healthy’ brands, have been accused by a leading UK health agency of “encouraging sweet snacking”. 

Legalise nutrition!

Let’s seize on Brexit as an opportunity to legalise good nutrition and outlaw bad food, says Patrick Holford.

ECJ rules against EU states setting maximum levels for vitamins

A ruling this month by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) means that it will be harder in future for individual EU states to impose their own low maximum limits for vitamins and minerals.

Welcome to the Brexit guessing game

“If you want to know what happens when a country leaves the European Union, you might as well ask the Inuit.” That was the BBC’s Brian Milligan being simultaneously flippant and factual last month (factual, because Greenland is the only other country ever to have left the EU – or the EEC as it was then).

COSMOS reports 92% growth in certified products in 2018

Natural and organic cosmetics standards body COSMOS says that the number of its certified products has almost doubled, with a 92% increase during 2018. COSMOS...

ECJ rules that controversial breeding techniques count as GMOs

Organic and anti-GM groups have welcomed today’s ‘unequivocal’ ruling by the European Court of Justice that a series of controversial new plant breeding techniques do fall under the scope of EU legislation on genetically modified organisms.