Exhibitor Press Release: Royal Green herbal infusions – winners Great Taste Award 2021 

Royal Green Beautiful Turmeric and Love & Happiness herbal infusions have been awarded a 1-star Great Taste Award!

Great Taste Awards 2021, organized by the Guild of Fine Food in Great Britain, has announced its stars of 2021. The Great Taste Award is widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation schemes for artisan and specialty food producers. We are proud to announce one star for our Beautiful Turmeric herbal infusion and one star for our Love & Happiness herbal infusion!

With four other Great Taste Awards given to us in 2019 and 2020 (Royal Green Sweet Dreams, Royal Green Golden Turmeric Chai, Royal Green Relax & Royal Green Clean). Royal green has now won six Great Taste Awards since the launch of this range in 2019.

Welcome to the stars collection Love & Happiness & Beautiful Turmeric!
The judges’ comments on the award winning Royal Green Beautiful Turmeric herbal infusion:
“A balanced blend in which the bitterness of the turmeric is offset by the lemon and the black pepper gives a gentle heat at the end. A rich warming blend, with great depth from the turmeric. The black pepper delivers a gentle warmth. Well-balanced and thoughtfully combined ingredients”.

The judges’ comments on the award winning Royal Green Love & Happiness herbal infusion:
“A gently aromatic, clear, golden infusion. It’s a clever blend, with a tannic backbone from the black tea preventing blowsiness, even of the lavender, which is perhaps the most noticeable of the components aside from chamomile. While no one element sings loudly, the meld is well rounded, warming and pleasing. All the ingredients combine to give a smooth and pleasant taste with the camomile character lifting out of the blend. It was a well-balanced blend”.

Be prepared for a golden explosion of flavour and a warm hug that keeps your spirit glowing!
For more information: Frenchtop Natural Care Products, [email protected], www.royal-green.eu/en

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