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Interview with Elise Johanson, Strategic Marketing Manager, GroGro

Tell us a bit about your company

The baby food aisle is finally seeing innovation for the first time in 100 years. The Scandinavian company GroGro is changing the status quo of the baby food industry with fresh, chilled, and cold-pressed smoothies and porridges for babies and young children.

Several grocery stores in Norway and Sweden have launched the first fridges in the baby food aisles, giving parents a nutrient-dense and fresh option among the shelf stacked food products.

Malin Bruset, a licensed nutritionist and serial entrepreneur, launched GroGro in 2018 with the initial ambition to revolutionize the baby food aisle. Almost all commercial food produced for infants is highly processed in order to be shelf-stable for up to two years. The food can often be older than the child consuming it! Malin knew that a big change was needed. Selling fresh food to infants requires addressing an archical grocery store layout and installing fridges in the aisles. This innovation requires new thinking and risk-taking by retailers. GroGro is proud to lead this initiative with its distributors.

Tell us about your latest product(s), promotions or launches visitors can hope to see on your stand

GroGro – tasty, ready-made smoothies and porridges for babies and kids. Made from 100% organic ingredients with unique recipes developed by the nutritionist and GroGro founder Malin Bruset. GroGro’s products are made of 100% organic whole chunks of fruit, vegetables and a handful of other natural ingredients like coconut milk and cold-pressed olive oil. These ingredients are blended in a mixer, filled into a pouch and cold-pressed for safety using the HPP-technology. No heat treatment is used at all which results in a superior tasting product while maintaining nutrients and texture.

In Norway, the products are sold online at, Coop Obs!, select Meny locations, Foodora  Markets, and several cafes. In Sweden, the products are sold online at, selected grocery stores like ICA Kvantum Solna and directly to consumers through GroGro’s own webshop.  Our product portfolio represents the only new, sustainable option to the baby food alternatives. We attract a new key demographic into the store. The conscious family that finally can buy a ready meal for their babies and kids that meet the quality in taste and nutrition of homemade cooking.

We are on track to sell 100.000 pouches during 2021 – the first full year in business, and have ambitious plans to reach at least 1.000.000 pouches sold during 2022. GroGro is already planning for a further expansion into Europe during 2023 and is looking to close another fundraising round during 2022 to finance this growth.

Why was Nordic Organic Food Fair 2021 an unmissable opportunity for you?

The Nordic Organic Food Fair is the place to go to meet like minded people that understand the future of the food industry and the value of genuinely clean food. By coming a bit closer to the continent, we feel part of the movement happening not only in Scandinavia, but throughout Europe in the fight for proper nutrition, especially for those that need it the most.

What kind of visitors are you looking forward to meeting at Nordic Organic Food Fair

We always like to chat with other HPP friends to discuss any news on the process, technology and packaging materials. We also love to introduce the brand and purpose for retailers in Scandinavia and Benelux to see if their values align with ours.

Find GroGro on stand G105. 

Nordic Organic Food Fair and Eco Life Scandinavia will return to Malmö, Sweden, on Wednesday and Thursday 17-18 November. To register for a free trade ticket, please click here.

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