Finland’s organic products market grew by 9% in value in 2018 according to new data released by Pro Luomu, the country’s lead trade body for organic. 

While this is a slight slowing on the 2017’s 13% growth, Pro Luomu sees it has a useful “stabilising”, and points out that organic continues to strongly outperform growth in conventional food and grocery. 

The organic market in Finland has grown consistently through the 2010s – with organic retail sales growing by over 90% since 2011. 

To date, growth has largely come from increased purchasing by committed organic consumers. In order to accelerate growth, says Pro Luomu, organic products need to increasingly find their way into the basket of consumers of more mainstream consumers 

“There are growing signs of organic’s appeal to the youngest consumer demographic,” says Pro Luomo managing director Marja-Riitta Kottila. “I think we can expect that demand to grow also in the future. Young people buy organic, in particular, for reasons of the environment and animal welfare, she explains.

Key product categories include juices, baby food, beers and spirits  and cheeses. There has been good growth in organic frozen foods and health products too. High levels of new products development in organic is increasingly availability and helping bring new consumers to the category. 

Photo: Finnish Organic chain, Ruohonjuuri