Tell us a bit about your company

I studied Biology and a Masters in environmental conservation, and REFIX was a project for my master’s degree. Our aim is to extract a natural resource (seawater) from a protected area (a marine reserve from northwest of Spain), to make a sustainable product (REFIX), and in this way to increase the economic value of nature itself.

At the same time we knew that seawater has many healthy properties thanks to its 78 mineral salts, so we combined “sustainability” and “health” to make one of the most disruptive drinks on the market.

Tell us about your latest product(s), promotions or launches visitors can hope to see on your stand.

REFIX Lemon was born in 2017, and is a very healthy version with 4 calories, no sugar or carbohydrates, with a slightly salty taste. But 5 months ago we launched REFIX Orange, a version with agave syrup (and only 54 calories). It has a sweet taste and is ideal for people who dislike the saltier taste of seawater.

Why was Eco Life Scandinavia 2021 an unmissable opportunity for you?

REFIX is a sustainable, very high-quality product – that we like to think is like natural medicine. We are aware that the highest quality food produced in Southern Europe is exported to Northern Europe, while in the South we usually consume cheaper products, so we know that our natural market is North-Central Europe (in fact, it already is), and so we want this fair to open up a market for us in the Nordic countries.

What kind of visitors are you looking forward to meeting at Eco Life Scandinavia?

We are ready to supply the whole European market, so we are looking for big organic distributors that we can support with our sales team and our digital marketing, as we already do in other countries.

Find REFIX on stand H113

Eco Life Scandinavia will return to Malmö, Sweden, on Wednesday and Thursday 17-18 November. To register for a free trade ticket, please click here.

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